Many were saddened by the death of Syncrolite's BJ Schiller. He was the genuine article and served as an example to all of us. He was survived by his companion, Rosemary; his mother, Ruby Schiller; brother, RC Schiller; sisters, Becky and Pixie; and his son, Robbie.

His belief was to always focus on perfection in all that he did personally and professionally. To respect him was just to know him. If you were lucky enough to tour or work with BJ, it was guaranteed that you were going to learn. Due to his many years in the entertainment business and the companies he worked for, the list of people that had the opportunity to work with him is lengthy. Many on the list are attempting to carry on with the high standards he illustrated to them. His care and concern for detail was impeccable and will be acknowledged by many for years.

BJ followed in the footsteps of his best childhood friend, Alan Lee, and went to work for Showco Sound in 1972. His first tour as an engineer was Van Morrison. He also toured with and/or mixed sound for Bread, Sean Phillips, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Leon Russell, and toured extensively with The Rolling Stones, to name a few. He worked as shop manager for The Showco Sound Department his last three years there.

From Showco, he went to work for Syncrolite in 1981. He was the head of the research and development department which also led to having purchasing and production responsibility for the projects he developed. He worked in that capacity, creating new features for the lights until his passing.

He was known, loved, and respected by many and will be greatly missed by them all. Let us never forget this man that taught us numerous things, helped us in incalculable ways, and left us with an extensive list of memories that will not soon be forgotten.

- Gary Carnes