O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) is touring with High End Systems lighting thanks to House of Blues LD Dan "Malibu" Krygowski.

Krygowski, Las Vegas House of Blues LD, got the call to design O.A.R.'s spring tour in North America. Being familiar with High End Systems equipment at the club's chain, Krygowski designed his show to include 6 Studio Beam®, 4 Studio Spot® 575s and 4 Technobeam® automated luminaires, supplied by lighting contractor LSD/Fourth Phase.

He chose Studio Beam for its color mixing capability. "I love the Studio Beams. I use them to mix the colors that I could not get using conventionals-- like a teal or UV," he explains.

Studio Spot 575s came in handy for hard-edge projections. "I placed four Studio Spots on top of each tower so I have two on the 10’ tower and two on the 5’ tower, just to throw some different gobo angles onto the scene and counterweight the Technobeams I have," Krygowski continues.

Two Technobeams are placed on the base of the truss and two downstage on either side where the sidefills would be. "It's just to throw some gobo patterns across the stage," adds. "I chose Technobeams because I wanted a moving mirror fixture on the tour and Cyberlights are just too big for these small stages. I didn't want to go with all moving heads. I wanted some moving mirror representation, that's why I chose those. I like the quickness of moving mirrors."

O.A.R.'s spring tour runs through North America until May 23. Krygowski is currently redesigning their summer amphitheatre tour starting June 28. As his capacity increases to 3,000-6,000-seaters, he says it will be a bigger rig with multiple trusses.

He acknowledges John Lobel of LSD/Fourth Phase, who has personally helped out to make the tour a success. "John took on our project personally, and is helping us meet our budget," Krygowski says. "We really appreciate his services to us."