The new grandMA 5.0 console software is available for download on the MA Lighting website. Also available for download are the updates for grandMA offline, grandMA onPC, grandMA 3D, and grandMA remote.

The grandMA console now supports control for up to 16,384 parameters, each with eight or 16-bit resolution. In addition to the grandMA offline-editor, the new grandMA on PC software–for desktop PCs or notebooks–is optimized for fast handling and direct access to all grandMA functions. It is optimized for the use of touch screen based Tablet PCs.

Any number of channels or fixtures may be arranged on screen in the new matrix-style Layout View. With its bitmap engine, any black and white or color bitmap file can be imported into the grandMA and displayed as dimmer or color mixing values on a selected number of fixtures. The new organization of the software's backup menu offers a FTP File Server as an archive target option as well.

For merging shows, the grandMA Software 5.0 introduces the new Partial Show Read command. The existing effects system has also been expanded by the Modulator Effects, based on single channel or fixture parameters. Also improved is the Remote Software Update via the network for consoles as it now includes all Network Signal Processors