Sony's new SRP-X700P Manager Software version 1.1 is a comprehensive Windows® PC-based application tool designed to enhance workflow by configuring control settings for equipment connected to the SRP-X700P powered A/V matrix mixer, providing the unit with greater flexibility and programmable projector control.

"An all-in-one solution to multi-media presentations, this powered A/V matrix mixer provides users with substantial benefits," said Paul Foschino, senior manager for professional audio at Sony Electronics' Business Solutions and Systems Company. "The unit addresses a key trend in modern presentations - the integration of wireless and wired microphones with audio and video from a variety of multimedia devices. By simplifying access to this diverse material, the software significantly enhances the overall presentation process."

The compact SRP-X700P powered A/V matrix mixer integrates the functions of a wide range of input sources, including video recorders and DVD players, notebook PCs and LCD projectors. According to Foschino, the mixer is already establishing itself in conference rooms, lecture theatres, schools, churches and a wide range of presentation applications.

In addition to linking the functions of a high quality audio mixer, two wireless microphone tuner slots, RGB/video switcher, equalizer, active feedback reducer and power amplifier, systems integrators may now enter RS-232C protocol command information (supplied with their projector or PDP) into the SRP-X700P manager PC software, and quickly integrate control of a variety of popular projectors from the SRP-X700P unit.

Remote Control Capabilities:

The SRP-X700P User Control Panel software allows operators to manage A/V source selection, speaker volume, transport control and recall of alternative system setups remotely (from a Windows PC) running the supplied user control panel application software.

Third Party Touch Screen Control Integration:

The SRP-X700P has an RS-232C input control port to facilitate third-party touch screen controller integration.

Sony's new Manager Software V1.1 is now standard on all SRP-X700P units at a suggested list price of $2,700.