September will see the introduction of a new color to Rosco's Supergel range of lighting filters. Light Relief Yellow 313 was designed by Rick Fisher on behalf of the Light Relief Charity, the objective being threefold: to offer additional exposure to this important charity; to provide continual revenue to this important charity; and to offer a new color to this range of long life, high heat resistant lighting filters.

"I wanted the Light Relief yellow to be a warm late afternoon sunny color," Fisher said. "So many yellows look harsh or acidic when used. Light Relief yellow should be a good bridge between the pale straw shades and the ambers we use all the time. I am thrilled to be working with this wonderful initiative of Rosco’s to benefit Light Relief and bring about a new addition to the spectrum of Supergel."

Intended to provide financial support to lighting designers who find themselves in personal difficulties, the Light Relief charity will benefit from sales of 313 Light Relief Yellow, as profits from this color will be donated by Rosco to the charity.

"As a company we rely on lighting designers to specify and use our products, whether they be lighting filters, gobos, ImagePro projectors or motion effects units," said Stan Miller, Rosco's president. "We see this as an opportunity to give something back and support those who have supported us so well for more than 30 years in Europe. Light Relief is an important charity, which deserves our continued support from initiatives like this."

Samples of Light Relief Yellow 313 will be available at the Rosco booth (M50) at the annual Plasa show 12th September 2004 to 15th September 2004.

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