In this new weekly feature of the Entertainment Design website, we’ll be providing a roundup of new products released from around the world. This week we look at some new lighting equipment, with links to each manufacturer’s website.

The Avolites Diamond 4
At PLASA, Avolites will be unveiling what they call the new generation top-level lighting console, the Diamond 4. Designed for large-scale shows, festivals, concerts, events and multi-purpose venues, the Diamond 4 features a newly designed programming panel that allows entry and selection of fixtures and palettes by number, while the electronic palette gives entry by legend. These entry systems can be mixed in any way, and are always simultaneously available. New features include the Command Syntax which allows replaying of the last entered button presses, and the storing of these for later use. Also new is the storing of Times within a Palette, expanding the ability to use Palettes during live performance, and ensuring a highly flexible toolkit for use during programming. The built-in Looks and Palettes enable operation of a show when there’s been no pre-programming. The new processing engine--running at over 1 Ghz--is designed so that response times for selecting and running anything are fast and seamless.

The Claude Heintz Design MacLux Pro v. 2.0
This latest release of the MacLux Pro[TM] software is Power Macintosh native and runs under the Mac OC Classic operating system. The new version build’s on the program’s ease of use and adds more tools for enhancing productivity; these include a new Auto-Fill command, which allows users to automatically assign a series of channel, circuit, or dimmer numbers to selected lights. MacLux Pro version 2.0 also allows for a wider selection of symbols, including built-in symbols for newer 6.25” ellipsoidal and PAR instruments. The palette of symbols can now be customized for each plot. MacLux Pro v. 2.0 requires a Power Mac with a CD drive, color monitor, 10mb of hard disk space and 10 mb of available RAM. Mac OC v. 8.6/9.1 is recommended.

The Design & Drafting LD Assistant PL
LD Assistant PL software has added the ability to create an interactive HTML report, which users can create at any time during the design process. This enables users to view the design without the need of a CAD program. By right-clicking over a drawing, a menu will appear allowing the viewer to zoom in, zoom out, pan around and turn layers off and on. There is also the option of including schedules with the report, including cost. Other features include: Curtain Tool, Wall Tool, Seating Tool, Security Post & Line, Built-in-Data Base, LightWright™ Compatible, Advanced HTML Reports. Use any BMP, JPEG or Gif file as a Gobo, and Advanced blocks libraries. A demo HTML report can be found on the Design & Drafting website.

The Duraline Enviro-Light 753
This vapor-proof lighting streamer delivers reliable illumination for a wide range of worksites, including construction sites, factory assembly areas, chemical plants, temporary staging, convention centers, building maintenance, sewers, subways, roadways and tunnels. The Enviro-Light 753 features a watertight construction designed to eliminate problems associated with oil, moisture and water. The unit can be surface mounted at any angle using the four mounting holes provided on each block. The vapor-proof blocks are integrally molded in solid Hypalon rubber and feature heavy-duty cast aluminum guards for maximum impact protection.

The James Thomas Engineering Image Plus
The Image Plus is a simple focusing device that attaches to a Par 16 lantern’s color frame runners. The Image Plus takes a standard size “E” gobo, enabling any desired image or logo--in either glass or metal--to be projected onto a surface or wall up to four meters away. The company also offers a MR16 gobo rotator that will rotate one or two gobos. Two types of lens are available, for narrow or wide effect options. There’s also a set of four shutters for beam shaping and masking of the projected image.

The MA Lighting grandMA Version 2.60 Software
The Software Version 2.60 boasts numerous new features. A new time code function with up to 100 individual time code settings and individual sequences along with editing choices in graphic- or list-mode will be available. Command line with entering and editing functions for all control functions, as well as command line history will also be available. Other features include: an “agenda” with timed functions and fully equipped with astronomical real-time clock, password secured user-login with individual access levels, and editing and storing functions for cues, groups, and presets. The new software also allows for copying of features and data of moving lights. New functions include: a “move in black” function for automatic pre-positioning of any feature while the shutter is closed or light is dimmed, a “knockout” function for partial release of changed values, and an “undo” function to restore the last 10 commands or actions.

The High End Systems Catalyst
The Catalyst is an orbital movement system that mounts to the front of a video projector and allows static images or moving video to be projected anywhere within a 360° by 180° hemisphere of movement. Images can be manipulated limitlessly in real-time from a dedicated control console. Pick from an extensive library of stock images or add your own. The Catalyst package includes the orbital movement system, a video processing computer, and the accompanying control and effects software. It can be used with most high-powered single lens video projectors. (High End System recommends using a 3-chip, DLP-based projector.)