Here is this week's sampling of new products.

The Equi=Tech ET12.5W wall cabinet AC system
The Selma, OR-based Equi=Tech Corporation has updated its ET12.5W hardwired wall cabinet unit with expanded circuit capacity to handle larger studios, more filtered circuits for lower EMI, and a proprietary transformer design for greater bandwidth of noise rejection. Four circuits have been added for a total of ten circuits/125 amps. The ET12.5W can now easily outfit anywhere from two to eight suites. It now also accommodates a discrete filter on each of its ten circuits. Lastly, Equi=Tech added its patented bifilar-wound toroid isolation transformer to the unit. The ET12.5W is housed in a NEMA 12 industrial control cabinet and weighs 344 lbs.

The Clicdesign Photoshop® Suite
Clicdesign suite for Photoshop® allows the user to create prints, weaves, color ways, and apply the newly created fabric to a virtual model with texture draping, all within the user’s preferred graphic application. It includes four tools for apparel and textile designers: QuickRepeat, PlaidMaker Plus, ColorVision, and StyleDraper. This set of application plug-ins will turn any apparel, textile, or surface designer’s Photoshop® into a CAD design system.

The Compulite products
Compulite launched several new products at PLASA 2001. The Rave is a compact lighting control desk for the Club/DJ market and small venues wanting low cost, versatile moving light control. It offers simple, quick set-up and operation, plus either manual or fully automated playback. The Wallmount is a new installation version of the CompuDIM range of digital dimmers. It is available in two versions (24x3kW or 12x5kW) incorporating MCB protection as standard with the option of integral RCD projection. Compulite’s Dimmer Monitor Software is a Windows based application, enabling full control and monitoring of CompuDim2000 line of dimmer racks. It communicates with the entire range of Compulite’s Ethernet capable consoles and nodes. Nova is Compulite’s heavy-duty yoke system. It provides accurate, silent focusing and manipulation of conventional fixtures. The maxim is a range of control desks that combines large memory capacity, reliability, and elegant design. Five models are available: S, M, L, XL, and XXL--from 24 to 120 channel faders. The iPRO/UK is a UK version of the 12-channel digital dimming system. It features twin 12A UK socket outlets per channel.

The PCM/Pfaff-Silberblau Ltd. Tau and Delta Winch
The Tau electric winch is designed for aerial theatre and performance. It features inherent safety features including: double brake system, double limit switches, encoder feedback, electronic overload protection, and a nylon rope pressure drum. The Tau winch is also variable speed. The Delta winch is designed for flying scenery and set pieces. It has nearly silent operation and features double limit switches, encoder feedback, variable speed, and zero fleet angle. The winch also features two electric motors, two gearboxes, and two brakes running in tandem.

The Robert Juliat Provence range
Robert Juliat introduces its Provence range of MSR 1200 profiles and follow spots using SX optics. The range is available in three different zooms and with or without a mechanical dimmer. There is also a choice of a magnetic power supply or a 120/240 VAC electronic power supply. The Marius follow spot has an 8.5/16 degree zoom range and uses the MSR 1200-MSR 1200/2, MSD 1200 G22 lamp from Philips, or the HSR 1200-HSR 1200/2 G22 lamp from Osram. The Manon, a short throw version (12.5/240), and the Topaze, a long throw version (7/12 degree), will be introduced within the next year.

The Leprecon LP-X24 console
The LP-X24 console from Leprecon® features color, beam, focus, and intensity presets with individual fade times for each attribute. It is a moving light console with fader and keypad access to dimmer channels. Cross programming allows users to quickly program both intelligent lights and dimmers in an “on the fly” live performance or theatre environment. The LP-X24 board has 20 pages of preset playbacks and the ability to run six cue lists at once that include both moving lights and dimmers.