PLASA 2004 heralds the first Prize Stage alongside the PLASA After Show Bar, set to run from 6 – 8pm September 12--14.

The Prize Stage is the brainchild of DiGiCo marketing director, David Webster, and is sponsored by nine of the entertainment industry’s major players: Avolites, DiGiCo, Lab.Gruppen, Lighthouse, Meyer Sound, Mobil-Tech, Sennheiser, Stardraw and XTA Electronics.

Each evening, the sponsors will be giving away prizes in a free drawing for show attendees who have obtained an entry form from the companies involved and comply with the necessary criteria. There will also be the chance of winning a joint prize of £1000 for those who have visited each company AND had their "Prize Passport" (available from each of the sponsoring exhibitors) fully stamped.

"We’re very excited to be able to put something like this together," says Webster. "We believe that it’s going to be a great draw for the PLASA Top Deck bar area, and a great opportunity for the companies involved to show their products in a new and exciting way. We’re all looking forward to a very successful first year and hope there will be many more to come."

"We’re really pleased that we were able to accommodate the Prize Stage," adds PLASA Show Director Nicola Rowland. "We feel that it will add a new dynamic to the PLASA area on the Top Deck and help this section of the show to achieve its full potential."