Florida-based Gear-Source, Inc. and Rental-Source, LLC are happy to welcome on board another key member to their sales and development team. Tony Perez joins both companies in a sales role following successful runs with both Coemar US and Robe America, the latter right up until last week. While at Robe, Tony worked as an eastern regional sales manager where he was responsible for the birth of the brand in much of the US market. He grew sales to a very respectable level, and then went on to work in special projects. In that role, Tony primarily worked with lighting designers and specifiers, eventually getting Robe Products spec’d on some major North American shows.

President of Gear-Source, Inc., Marcel Fairbairn, comments, “Tony is a good friend of mine, and someone I respect for his ability to drive into new markets, and really take care of the customer. We’re thrilled to be able to bring him in at this time and happily welcome him to our growing team here”. In addition to working with Gear-Source, Tony will be heading up Rental-Source sales efforts. “Rental-Source has grown further than we expected in it’s first year of business, but now it’s time to really bring it on, and I feel like Tony’s the perfect guy to do it” says Marcel.