Nemetschek North America announced its twentieth year as a developer of CAD solutions for the AEC, entertainment, landscape design, and manufacturing industries.

Nemetschek North America, formerly Diehl Graphsoft, was established in 1985 by founder and chairman of the board, Richard Diehl, when he identified a niche in the CAD market. Diehl recognized the need for an easy-to-use, high-quality, yet cost-effective CAD solution for the Macintosh community. The company's flagship program, VectorWorks, formerly MiniCAD, has evolved over the years to become the best selling CAD program on the Mac and a leader in the Windows market since it became cross platform in 1996.

VectorWorks was quickly adopted as an international bestseller and became one of the most popular CAD programs in Japan, Europe, and North America. Even though it enjoyed an early international success, it soon became clear that there was another niche in the market-a growing demand for highly specific CAD solutions. In January 2000, the VectorWorks Industry Collection was born with the introduction of ARCHITECT, closely followed by LANDMARK, SPOTLIGHT, and MECHANICAL. Each product was designed to address the explicit needs of designers in their respective fields.

"Our longevity can be attributed to our commitment to our users to provide them with a clear, competitive advantage by delivering CAD software and services that excel in four abilities: usability, affordability, adaptability, and availability," says Sean Flaherty, newly appointed CEO, Nemetschek North America. "We look forward to another twenty years of further strengthening our position as a global leader in the CAD industry."