Electroacoustical consultant Nathan Powell formed PTC Group, Inc. (Production Technology Consultants Group) to serve the US and international marketplace with comprehensive long-term planning and implementation in the areas of acoustics, sound systems, theatrical lighting and rigging, video systems and venue planning.

“In an increasingly digital multimedia world, there is a growing need for facilities at all levels to enhance their total production capabilities, but many are uncertain how to approach the issue,” says Powell. “Too often these facilities are underserved by poor planning and inconsistent component selection. PTC Group was formed with the pledge to counsel our clients, understand exactly what their needs are now and in the future, and then translate those needs into a comprehensive design.”

PTC Group understands that implementing a production design is a long-term commitment for venues and that it must accommodate future needs and technologies. The company’s team of specialists approaches the design process with an integrated solution philosophy, selecting components that are designed to work together saving costly system maintenance and upgrades. As many of today’s venues host a variety of purposes, the PTC Group believes in implementing flexible designs that can adapt over time for various uses.

Located in Collegeville, PA, PTC Group is comprised of experienced engineers and designers with extensive knowledge in all levels of venue and system planning and design. According to Powell, the staff’s diverse skills set enable the PTC Group to oversee all phases of the design-to-build process.

“We believe that consulting does not end at the design,” said Powell. “With our unique experience, we can provide our clients with end-to-end services, from initial planning to construction administration, to ensure both the design and installation are properly executed. Our clients are making a major investment in their venue and we promise to deliver only the best results.”

Powell formed the PTC Group after years of experience in theatrical production and electroacoustical design. As a touring theatrical sound engineer, Powell became intimately familiar with the needs of a variety of productions and intricacies of theater designs. Powell utilized this experience in his role as electroacoustician for the past seven years, where he designed systems for venues internationally.

PTC Group, Incorporated can be reached at:
512 Northridge Road
Collegeville, PA 19426
Phone (610) 409-5657
Fax (610) 409-5658