Moon Lighting & Sound of Reno, Nevada, has joined the L-ACOUSTICS Network Owner roster with its purchase of new dV-DOSC and V-DOSC® rigs complemented by SB218 sub enclosures.

According to Moon Lighting & Sound Owner Ken Van Gelder, who has been providing production services to the Reno and Lake Tahoe communities for over 19 years, "Having the distinction of being a V-DOSC provider puts a regional company like ours in a different class. Excellent sound quality, accurate predictability, and ease of rigging make these systems some of the first choices on national tour riders, and the amazing hi-fi quality and huge stereo image of this product is simply unparalleled."

Since acquiring the new loudspeakers, Van Gelder has noticed a dramatic difference when advancing shows with production managers and engineers. "Rather than trying to talk them out of the first choices on their riders, we're able to talk about more important things, like where to play golf," he says. "Thanks to V-DOSC, as well as some of the other new gear from our recent quarter-million-dollar system upgrade, we are providing first choices for the clients we do business with."

Van Gelder also finds being a member of the V-DOSC Network to be of great benefit. "When we're not using our rigs, which is rare, other Network members are. And if we should ever need to supplement our system with additional cabinets, those companies are just as willing to share their inventories. We've belonged to other similar product networks in the past, but L-ACOUSTICS' concept is by far the best thought out and implemented."

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