LDI—Minolta Corporation Instrument Systems Division recently unveiled the highly versatile, multi-functional CL-200 Light Source Chroma Measurement System for a spectrum of lighting and color applications.

The new Minolta CL-200 System measures tristimulus colorimetrics, chromaticity, color difference, correlated color temperature and illuminance of light sources. The system features an expandable and economical modular design with compact and lightweight interchangeable components.

The CL-200 system is ideal for applications as diverse as light source research and development, color adjustment of CRTs, Flat Panel Displays and other display devices, color evaluation and control of light boxes and booths, and optimum installation of projection systems and presentation lighting. The CL-200's wide range of measurement functions also uniquely suits it for measuring and controlling architectural lighting in factories, office buildings and hospitals as well as theaters, and film, video and broadcast studios.

Priced at $2,725, the basic CL-200 Chroma Measurement System consists of the hand-held, battery-operated CL-200 Meter body and a standard, detachable CL-200 Receptor Head suitable for a wide range of lighting conditions. The system also features user-selectable analog or digital measurement output and a standard RS232C interface, enabling connection to a computer.

Optional accessories include a Remote Sensing Measurement cable, which permits the Receptor Head to be positioned as far as 100 meters from the CL-200 Meter. Up to 30 Receptor heads can be connected simultaneously to one CL-200 Meter body for simple and low-cost multi-point measurement applications.

Minolta data management software is available for the new CL-200 Chroma Measurement System. This optional software provides additional ease of use, visual data display and flexible data processing capabilities. For example, it displays a variety of multi-point graphics, such as grid, trend graph and sensor position outputs. Software-controlled automatic measurement also can be performed at user-selected intervals. Tolerances can be automatically set and data can be saved, printed or transferred to other applications.

Worldwide, Minolta Corporation is the leading manufacturer of instruments and systems for the measurement and control of light and color. For additional information, contact Minolta Corporation, Instrument Systems Division, 101 Williams Drive, Ramsey, NJ 07446. Phone 888-473-2656, fax 1-201-529-6079, e-mail isdlightmeter@minolta.com or visit www.minoltalightmeters.com.