Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced the appointments of Michael Perry and Justin Walker to the EAW Application Support Group (ASG), the company’s multifaceted team offering a wide range of specialized technical services and detailed customer support. The appointment was announced by Joe Fustolo, manager of EAW ASG.

Perry’s primary focus is providing in-depth technical support for all EAW Commercial products, in addition to assisting with the entire EAW line. He comes to EAW from Loud Technologies’ support and service, and as an active sound system operator and musician he also brings a great deal of relevant realworld experience to his new position. Based in Woodinville, WA, Perry adds additional hours to the company’s US support basis and is fluent in Spanish.

Walker is responsible for service requests and return issues as well as providing technical support for all EAW loudspeakers. He has been with the company for several years, holding a variety of customer-oriented positions and previously he worked with another leading audio manufacturer in market analysis and inside sales roles. He is based in Whitinsville, MA.