Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc., in conjunction with Meyer Sound España, S.A., is proud to announce the formation of the John and Helen Meyer Scholarship. The scholarship program is being awarded in partnership with ESAMA (Superior School for AudioVisual Media) of Andalusia, Spain.

Meyer Sound has previously provided support to educational programs conducted by industry organizations such as USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) and Broadway Sound Master Classes, but the new partnership with ESAMA is the first program designated as a scholarship bearing the name of the company’s founders. Five talented students will receive awards of $1,000 (USD), based on their academic performance in their first year of study.

“Meyer Sound has supported audio education in Spain for years with its seminars, and now, by establishing this scholarship, it has taken that proactive approach to the next level,” says Nacho Sánchez of ESAMA. “We are most grateful, not only for the scholarship itself, but that there is a manufacturer so dedicated to the betterment of the audio industry that it will extend its own resources directly to students in order to further that goal.”

Established in 2002, the ESAMA program is a two-year curriculum in one of three areas of emphasis: Superior Sound Technician, Superior Technician in Production of Media and Spectacles, and Superior Technician in Direction of Media and Spectacles. One of the primary reasons Meyer Sound chose to provide the scholarship is the school’s record of placing an extremely high percentage of its students in professional positions after graduation with companies as notable as Fluge, Radio Television Andalusia, and Isla mágica.

“We’re very excited to be involved with a school as respected as ESAMA,” says Meyer Sound executive vice president Helen Meyer. “These students are the future of our industry, the ones who will engineer the concerts and theatrical productions of tomorrow. By supporting education in our industry, we can foster greater competency in a new generation of sound technicians.”