Roger Bigger, a longtime member of the Lite-Trol Service family, passed away in November 2008. He was the backbone of the shop and bench portion of Lite-Trol’s service and repair operations and joined Lite-Trol in 1994, immediately assuming the lead role in shop operations. He created new areas of expertise for Lite-Trol, and he brought his skills and abilities from his work with defense contractors, primarily in the power supply area. He also developed new ways of maintaining existing equipment and retrofitted old equipment to new styles of control. Bigger was also one of the industries leaders at making various manufacturers’ versions of DMX work with others. Bigger developed strategies for blending equipment and controls into seamless systems.

David North, of ETC, notes, “When it comes to bench repairing products, there's probably no-one to hold a flame to him. Some even say he bonded with the circuits, a kind of Vulcan mind-meld, and intuitively knew just where to poke and prod to bring things back to life.” Bigger was known to be able to repair, rehab, or retrofit anything, and worked with control equipment from Electronic Theatre Controls, Strand, Colortran, NSI, Macro, Leviton, Kliegl, Electro-Controls, TTI, Skirpan, among many, many others.

Roger Bigger was an important, and valued, member of the Lite-Trol family for over 14 years. His loss to us, and the industry at large, is incalculable.