Clay Paky has announce the passing of Enrico Caironi, a man whose professionalism, integrity and humanity will be remembered by all work associates and friends:

In the show-lighting industry, Enrico had for years been ambassador of Clay Paky and a model representative of Italian passion and quality.

Born in Bergamo in 1947, Enrico Caironi joined the Clay Paky team in 1995. As Commercial Director, he immediately became a key figure in Company business, always fighting at the forefront with relentless motivation. With his reliability and charm, he earned to the Company the esteem of customers, Lighting Designers and competitors. His passion for the job never once abandoned him. Though officially retired, in the last years he dedicated much of his energy to Clay Paky, leading demanding projects such as the “Knight of Illumination” and the “

Show Way
” exhibition to success.

The last unforgettable memory he left us with was the incredible courage with which he faced the serious disease that afflicted him. His warm smile, generous hospitality, and thoroughness with which he carried out his every endeavour will remain for ever in the hearts of those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Clay Paky has set up a web page where readers can post memories of Caironi.