Medialon was the control system of choice for a major European event, when theatrical and event designer Bernard Szajner chose the system for the Alstom display at a special exhibition on the Champs Elysees in Paris, France. French national train company (SNCF) organizied a month-long exhibition that featured numerous thematic exhibits on the history of the train, from ancient to the most modern.

The exhibition was located on the Champs Elysees and included a temporary train line that went along it. The SNCF asked its three train providers: ALSTOM (France), SIEMENS (Germany) and BOMBARDIER (Canada), to participate by each providing a tent within which they could exhibit whatever they wished, as long as the theme was designed for the general public.

ALSTOM asked French events company, Auditoire, to propose a high-end concept, as they wanted to draw maximum attention to their space and be seen as leaders in their industry. Auditoire turned to Szajner, as they do when they need something far beyond the ordinary. The two (Auditoire and Szajner) have successfully collaborated on many major exhibitions.

“Time was scarce, from the day I met with Auditoire to the opening day of the exhibition,” commented Szajner. “We decided to cut the tent in two, one half for a straightforward exhibition showing the various trades of Alstom (designed directly by Auditoire), the other one for a ‘sensation theater’ showing a 3D film. The dimensions of the tent enabled a screen size of 7m wide by 3.25m high and a maximum capacity of 30 seats. I designed a special format using 3 pairs of DLP projectors projecting a seamless high definition 3D image on a curved screen. The sound system was a 5+1 (quad + central speaker + sub bass).”

Szajner’s concept, “Around the World in 80 Seconds,” takes viewers on a series of three-dimensional voyages (or jumps) around the world (Rio de Janeiro, Paris via the center of the earth, Asia, and a futuristic city rising out of the Egyptian desert). All sequences are linked by an Alstom guide, a "real" girl (filmed in 3D), navigating in this semi-realistic computer graphics world.

“Eight graphics people and 14 computers worked overtime during the entire month to get the program done. The client never saw the film until opening day,” continued Szajner. “We made the final soundmix inside the theater for perfect acoustic balance the night before. The client came in to see the film completed, loved it and expressed congratulations. One hour later, we opened to the public. The show was a hit. Some days, they had more than 4000 people.”

Backstage, a Medialon Manager V3 synchronizes 3 Medialon HD Video Players for the video, 8 x 2 audio channels, DMX512 for lighting control and infrared remote for start and stop of the system. “All this was made possible with the extremely expert response of the Medialon team who worked along side of me the entire time,” continued Szajner. “Of course, the Medialon Manager, besides synchronizing all digital audio and film players, took care of all the ‘secondary tasks’: dimming lights on and off, remote control of the show by infra-red, switching some special effects lighting on and off and even projecting a ‘last minute’ text slide supplied by the client. Medialon has developed a specific video MP2 player because the image format we are using would not fit with standard video players. They have also developed a sync system where 3 video players are in perfect sync (to the frame).”

Medialon’s software for dynamic signage and show control represents the cutting edge in media presentation technology. It is a revolutionary, software-based control system that allows users to program, control and synchronize a limitless number of external devices (i.e. audio, video, lighting, switchers, image processors, special effects) Medialon’s unique programming environment enables the creation of scripted or interactive timelines that are easy to author and modify.

Since Medialon system architecture is based on standard IP network topology, it can be implemented in a number of ways, using standard, off-the-shelf components. It offers frame-accurate synchronization, DMX acquisition and editing, multitasking and permanent device position tracking. Medialon software has been the system of choice for the top corporations, museums and theme parks in Europe since its first release in 1997.

Medialon Inc. is located at 330 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 801, Miami, FL 33132.