Alex Carru, president and CEO of France-based Medialon, announced the opening of Medialon Inc. Headquartered in Miami, FL, the new entity will distribute and pioneer further applications of the company’s Manager show control software and Display integrated signage controllers. Show control veteran Ken Bell has been named as applications engineer.

"The timing for this move is perfect," comments Carru, "as our product has become quite well-known globally, and there is presently a lack of show control alternatives within the United States. Having a physical presence in the world’s largest entertainment market enables us to not only provide additional support to our leading dealers, but also develop new ideas for audience involvement and experience."

Medialon software has been the system of choice for corporations, museums, and theme parks in Europe since its first release in 1997. Current Medialon installations worldwide include museums, Broadway shows, staging company installations, and Europe’s largest and most prestigious theme park.

Medialon Manager is a revolutionary, software-based control system that allows users to program, control, and synchronize a limitless number of external devices (e.g., audio, video, lighting, switchers, image processors, special effects). Ken Bell says, "The show control industry has developed a number of competing metaphors: cue lists, timelines, touch panels. Manager embodies them all, so regardless of your background, you can get a show together right away. Also, this is the first show controller that truly embraces TCP/IP at its core. This means the devices under control can exchange live-variable information with Manager, not just messages. It’s a true network solution. And Display is the first signage system I’ve seen that ‘pulls’ the content it needs rather than have you ‘push’ it onto the signs. I saw this stuff and had to join the company."

Medialon’s software for dynamic signage and show control represents the cutting edge in media presentation technology. Medialon’s unique programming environment enables the creation of scripted or interactive timelines that are easy to author and modify. Since Medialon system architecture is based on standard IP network topology, it can be implemented in a number of ways, using standard, off-the-shelf components. It offers frame-accurate synchronization, DMX acquisition and editing, multitasking, and permanent tracking.

Medialon Inc. is located at 330 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 801, Miami, FL 33132.