Systems integrator Clair Brothers Systems selected Medialon Manager for show control throughout The OPUS Theater at The Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY. The OPUS Theater uses state-of-the-art audio, video and concert lighting technology to immerse the audience in the exciting atmosphere of a unique music experience while enjoying food and drink.

Clair Brothers Systems was charged with developing a system to deliver digital signage throughout the venue, including a dinner-theatre area for showing live concert video events on a big screen. The theatre also has the flexibility to host album release parties and other special events.

“Content and control information is delivered over the Internet from a remote location to a server. Our goal was to configure a show-control system that required as little operator interaction as possible,” says Dean Wiltsie, senior systems integrator at Clair Brothers Systems.

There are eight 43” and three 50” plasma screens located throughout the storefront area with HD audio. The theatre has two plasma screens at the bar and a 20’ screen with a DLP and LCD projector. The DLP is for large format shows and the LCD is for children’s shows and corporate rentals. They have two wireless microphones, which can be routed to any part of the venue. The lighting system is theater system with truss work throughout the venue and is part of the centerpiece of the theater. All of the equipment is controlled through Medialon Manager.

“The show-control system comes into play when predetermined lighting cues and video routing are recalled according to the control information sent with show content via the Internet,” he continues. “The venue also has the ability to run shows live; in that case the Medialon system acts as a remote control system cueing the various presets with time parameters.”

Wiltsie reports that Clair Brothers Systems has been “using more Medialon Manager packages for system control for several reasons. One is that Medialon gives us a simple, remote-control interface of all the equipment from transport control to cue recall to predetermined presets comprising a series of events.

“But probably the biggest reason we use Medialon Manager is its ability to run time line-based tasks,” Wiltsie reports. “These time lines can be easily created by the end user with little or no prior programming skills. The user interface for creating time line-based events is as simple as clicking on the time line and selecting any of the commands, cues or presets within the system.”