TheTim McGraw & The Dancehall Doctors One Band Show tour kicked off this spring with more than 120 High End Systems automated luminaires and a couple of Wholehog® II consoles, as prescribed by LD John Broderick. Lighting vendor Premier Global Production Company of Nashville supplied all the lighting gear and built the rolling stage.

Specific High End Systems fixtures on the tour include 50 Studio Beam(R), 38 x.Spot® and 33 Studio Color® 575 automated luminaires. Show control is achieved on two Wholehog II consoles, programmed by Troy Eckerman. Lighting director is Jerome Thompson, Spot caller is Phil Ealy, Crew chief is Rich Vinyard, Electrician is Jamie Grossenkemper, Lighting techs are Eric Perry, Steve Schwind and George Kiem.

The tour runs March 20-May 31 in the U.S.

Equipment List:
7 custom pods
50 High End Systems Studio Beam automated luminaires
38 High End Systems x.Spot automated luminaires
33 High End Systems Studio Color 575 automated luminaires

16 Martin MAC 600s
8 Pulsar LED strips
16 3k Martin strobes
12 m2 series 2.5 k truss spots
20 x 8' x30" x26" PGP Intella truss
2 Wholehog II consoles