Due to a growth spurt, MC2 has appointed a number of new distributors worldwide to ensure a consistent level of expertise is available to MC2 customers globally.

The latest of these additions is eas Vertireb, based in Emsdetten, Germany. “We have a very strong position in the German market,” explains eas owner Hubert Overesch. “We already distribute a number of high profile audio brands and MC2 is a perfect addition to this.”

Already benefiting from eas’ new position is German rental company Go Audio. Owned by Bernd Wittenberg, the company’s mainstay is rock ‘n roll and they handle tours for big name bands such as Him, Brian Adams, Guano Apes, and Good Charlotte. “When eas introduced us to MC2’s amplifiers we were amazed,” says Wittenberg. “The first time we tried them we thought there must be something wrong because it didn’t seem possible that the difference in sound could be so big.

“So we checked everything. We set up some loudspeakers and put MC2 on the left side and a different amplifier on the right side. And I thought, OK there’s a broken cable, a different controller set up, or a broken cabinet. But it wasn’t anything to do with those things; it was purely the amplifier. It’s such a big difference it sounds like you’ve pulled a curtain away from in front of the loudspeaker.”