Martin Professional’s Maxedia Digital Media Composer has received a host of user requested updates. Maxedia, which has integrated DMX control, gives full control of both the lighting and video elements of a show enabling the creation of complete and cohesive visual looks.

Now fully released, Maxedia PRO offers several advantages such as running up to 20 layers simultaneously while using as little as 24 DMX channels. It also offers 3D effects with unique real-time manipulation features. Programming is done on the system itself via an external monitor or optional touch screen, making it easier to program than by using DMX alone. If desired, programming and playback can be done without the use of a DMX lighting console. However, the programming stored within Maxedia can be triggered via a DMX console. Many other functions can be manually controlled form the console as well.

Maxedia PRO includes an extremely intuitive graphical user interface that saves programming time and promotes user creativity. Other upgrades include improved output resolution; new keystoning and framing; new masking; expanded MediaLibrary (Maxedia ships with a large quantity of high quality, fully copyright-cleared content); updated digital file playback support; improved editing functionality; new Transition Effects; real time, smooth alteration of playback speed; real time speed adjustments with frame blending and live camera support; and more.

Because animations, video, and movie clips play an ever larger role in visual design Maxedia PRO is capable of handling a multitude of digital media files that can be altered, mixed, masked, added to, and changed using the ever growing number of Maxedia Plug-ins. The interactive Media Manager allows importing of AVI, MOV, Flash, WMV-HD, PPT, JPG, and BMP files directly. The video signal output can be sent to video/plasma screens, vision mixers, LED screens and walls, projectors, and many other types of video equipment.

Any DMX fixture, including moving lights with CMY or RGB channels, can be used for pixel mapping with Maxedia. Maxedia PRO allows for control of any DMX lighting fixtures directly via EtherDMX (Artnet). LED strip lights or LED RGB fixtures for example can be patched or with Maxxyz PC software and mapped across Maxedia’s output screen.

Martin’s Maxedia has seen service on numerous tours, television productions and special events since its introduction. Maxedia software, including future upgrades, is available for download from