Martin Professional, Inc. welcomes back Lewis Long to the US sales team. Long served as Martin’s Mid West sales manager for eight years before leaving the company in December of 2004. He returns to the Sunrise, Florida-based headquarters, effective immediately.

“I am very pleased to be back at Martin,” Long comments. “Martin has always been a very stable company with a leading product line and a strong sales staff, and those are invaluable assets for a company. With Brian [Friborg] at the helm and some new hires to come, we have an opportunity to develop an even stronger team. It’s an exciting time for the company.

“My years of experience here allow me to really hit the ground running," he adds. "There’s no learning curve, and I know everyone so well, so I expect to come in and make an immediate positive impact. It’s good to be back with the industry leader.”

Brian Friborg, Martin US president, states, “We are extremely happy to have Lewis back on the U. sales team. His years of experience with both the Martin product line and extensive knowledge of the sales network add a tremendous strength to our sales team and will allow him to step in from day one. The sales team is eager and excited to have him back and we move on with business as usual.”

Long assumes a position as part of the US sales team and is one of several new sales personnel to be announced over the coming months.

Long is available by phone at 954-858-1800 ext. 242; or by email at