Martin Professional staged a press event for the Maxxyz control console at its US headquarters in Sunrise, FL on August 23. The event allowed members of the entertainment technology press to get acquainted with what is arguably Martin’s most ambitious product venture to date.

Michael Nevitt and Christian Krause of Martin present the Maxxyz. Photo: Ben Dickmann.

Although the Maxxyz was first seen at the SIB show in Rimini, Italy, in March 2002, it has gone through many revisions, thanks to an extraordinarily ambitious Beta testing process. More than two dozen LDs and programmers were given the console to use on their projects; the Beta testers provided a steady stream of commentary that led to numerous refinements to the console’s structure and method of functioning. An on line message board allowed the Beta testers to communicate with each other and with Martin staff.

After nearly a year of this process, the substantially revised Maxxyz is now ready to be released. (You can read an in-depth look at the Maxxyz, with commentary from several of the Beta testers, in the September issue of Lighting Dimensions.)

At the press event Michael Nevitt, Martin’s control products manager, introduced the Maxxyx, as well as several of the Beta testers, including Craig Caserta, Zeb Cochran, Dennis Connors, Thom Disher, Mark Pranzini and Rob Smith. Guests were invited to look the console over, with Beta testers answering questions and pointing out its many points of interest.

David Johnson of Entertainment Design and David Barbour of Lighting Dimensions learn about the Maxxyz from Beta tester Rob Smith. Photo: Ben Dickmann.

Among the features of the Maxxyx are a built-in 3D visualizer with real-time preview mode; dual Ethernet connections; two industrial motherboards with Pentium II processor; eight DMX-512 outputs, two DMX-512 inputs; two industrial 12.1” SVGA TFT color touchscreens; a built-in DVD/CD-RW; digital LCD buttons, digital fader belts; motorized faders, cue control; SMPTE/VITC/LANC time-code reader and generator; MIDI in/out/through; balanced audio In and Out, display rotation, USB connections, built-in speakers; and multiple wing attachment.

Later that day, Martin US CEO Troels Volver hosted a cocktail party at which director of sales Eric Loader presented a sneak preview of new Martin products to be launched at the PLASA trade show in London.

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