Martin Professional is offering an inexpensive multi-user license package for its Martin ShowDesigner (MSD) lighting simulation software package designed especially for educational institutions. Now, schools, universities, or any educational institution can take advantage of one of the lighting industry's leading tools for lighting and set design.

The package includes a standard dongle with 10 licenses with additional licenses available up to a maximum of 20. As part of Martin's continuing commitment to the education of emerging lighting professionals, Martin has subsidized the cost of the MSD site license, making it affordable for the vast majority of educational institutions. In addition, Martin also offers an MSD training program in accordance with the Martin Acade-media training program.

MSD is a user-friendly lighting and set design software package for developing realistic 3D lighting simulations. It allows users to create true set and lighting design renderings using reflection, transparency, lighting, shadow, and smoke. MSD comes in two versions, a full 'Gold' version and a streamlined 'Silver' version.