"It’s all about putting a face behind the brand," said Mark Miller, Selecon UK’s new man in London and the South of England. He was talking about his role with the company which, from 1st June, will be to develop relationships with clients and discuss their lighting requirements.

"Mark will visit end users such as lighting designers, dealers, architects, and theatres to find out what they need from our products, what we’re getting right, and, importantly, what we might be getting wrong," said Mike Goldberg, Selecon’s European Sales Director. "The information will be fed back to our designers and salespeople. It’s all part of our continuous drive to maintain the high quality of Selecon products and ensure we develop products people want."

Miller will also play a key part in the upcoming UK Workshops that Selecon is holding around the country. You can find details of these on the Selecon website.

Until 2 years ago, Miller ran his own theatre and entertainment industry supply company, MSL, based at Hawkes Bay on New Zealand’s North Island. The 17 years spent running MSL have given him all the right qualifications for his new job. "I was a Selecon dealer for 15 of those years so I’ve a good knowledge of their range and know from personal experience that they produce a quality product," he commented.

After selling MSL, he spent some time attending to family matters and indulging his passion for scuba diving before deciding to come to the UK where his family originated. A meeting with Selecon’s MD Jeremy Collins resulted not only in the visit but a job as well.