Medialon, which specializes in show and media control, has announced the launch of its Premium Service Contract for Medialon Manager software users in North and South America.

Rapid response to technical issues is essential for staging and entertainment professionals who run shows on a daily basis and can’t afford downtime on their show control systems. Having reinforced its Technical Support team, Medialon can now offer them its Premium Service Contract to ensure a quick resolution to any technical issues that might arise during day-to-day operations. The contract has been a huge success in Europe since it was introduced and is anticipated to be equally successful in North and South America.

Premium Service is a one-year plan, which can be renewed annually. It is attached to a Medialon Manager software license; separate Premium Service Contracts must be purchased for each Medialon Manager software seat (Medialon Manager Lite, Stage, or Pro editions) to be covered.

Key features of the Premium Service Contract include free major upgrades; priority access to support; priority and free access to regular training; and free project-design assistance.

Premium Service’s priority access guarantees that each subscriber’s issue is at the top of the support experts’ list to help determine if there is a hardware failure or software configuration issue. The service delivers priority responses via email or phone and includes visual remote assistance using webinar technology: The support team’s PC screen is sent to the subscriber’s PC over the Internet for live demonstrations.

To keep subscribers always on track, all upgrades -- from major improvements to simple patches -- are automatically sent, free of charge. Medialon Manager software users are normally charged 15 percent of purchasing cost for major upgrades, which are released once or twice a year. With these upgrades free, Premium Service already pays for itself. In addition, subscribers get free and priority access to monthly Medialon training sessions for themselves and their staffs.

The Medialon Senior Technical Staff also offers subscribers free assistance in designing show control systems for any project. Prior to the project, the Technical Staff can help choose the right equipment, select relevant MxMs or even assist in drivers editing. All subscribers need to do is provide a list of equipment to be controlled and needed functionalities; Medialon will send a block diagram, check the feasibility of the project for Medialon products, list necessary MxMs and drivers and all necessary proven devices.