The Magnum Companies Ltd. announces it is moving forward after loosing longtime founder, owner, and president, Erik Magnuson, on November 30th of last year. Magnum has appointed Todd Finch to the president and CEO position, effective immediately.

“This has been a hard time for us,” says Finch, “It’s been real, real tough. Erik was a huge part of who we were and what we stood for, so we have spent the past few weeks gathering our legs about us and making sure we could stand on our own. And, we can and we will. It’s a process… One of life’s more difficult ones but something we will all work on together.”

Finch has been in the entertainment lighting industry his entire life. During the 1980s, he spent most of his summers off from school as a shop technician and in the 1990s as a freelance technician, all at Magnum. When he graduated from Florida State, Finch joined Magnum fulltime as a production project manager and four years ago became the director of production services for the company.

Above all else Todd values all the hours spent listening to and learning from his step-dad, Erik, as his biggest assets. “He taught me a lot. And he taught everyone that came into contact with him. That was his nature… giving information and time and being dedicated to finding the answer. That’s what we are going to continue, “ says Finch. “2006, up until his passing, was a great year for us. We bought East Coast Lighting Design back in July—we had completely renovated our automated lighting inventory—things were really kicking on all cylinders and with the same kind-hearted, soft spoken stubbornness Erik had, we are going to keep firing on all cylinders.”