Lightronics has come a long way from founder Kevin Nelson's garage back in 1982—from the first dimmers made with wooden chassis to now compact dimmers equipped with Wireless DMX.

Although Lightronics started in the dimming business it has developed its product line over the years to offer Complete Lighting Control Systems for many different applications: entertainment venues, theatres, worship facilities, commercial buildings, and retail spaces, among others. The quality of all Lightronics products is backed by a five-year warranty.

Along with being well known for the quality of its products Lightronics is also well known for its excellent customer service. As more and more companies opt for automated telephone systems that send callers through a sea of different options, Lightronics still believes in "old fashioned" customer service.

As Lightronics celebrates the last 25 years, it looks to the next 25 years with excitement for what is to come.