For the fifth time Lightpower GmbH, Paderborn, successfully celebrated the Open Days, the German ‘trend and further-training’ forum for the lighting industry with international background. More than 1,200 lighting professionals attended the Show at Heinz Nixdorf Forum, Paderborn, on May 15 and 16 to be an active part in the high profile seminars and visit the product exhibition. All guests came by invitation, and their participation was free of charge. Also on day one, more than 800 visitors came together to party at the Capitol music theatre enjoying the music of a first-class live band.

High profile seminars were held by prominent lighting designers such as Ken Billington (Broadway), Max Keller (German theatre), Prof. Andreas Schulz (architectural lighting), as well as Stefan Aue (concert touring). These seminars took place at the 500-seat auditorium of the Heinz Nixdorf Forum and were translated simultaneously on independent headphones.

Established in 1994, the Open Days takes place every third year and have become the German trend forum for the lighting professionals, no matter what kind of roots they have. Lightpower’s target is always to talk and listen to the users, whether they are convinced by the products distributed by Lightpower or critical about them. The only importance: they have to be professionals and authentic. To provide first-class seminars and product trainings, Lighpower has always worked closely with teachers and speakers with best professional references. The orientation thought for this year’s Open Days was: “Where are the lighting worlds developing into? Beside luminaries, effects and automated lights, which importance will be achieved by LED’s, media servers, video, and digital lights? Above all, what are leading lighting designers thinking about these topics?”

A variety of smaller seminar and meeting rooms were the perfect locations for the technically focused seminars. Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Kunkel and Dipl.-Ing. René Berhorst explained special MA’s system solutions in detail and giving reference to certain projects with MA products involved. The specialized seminars regarding LED technology (Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Bernstädt), stage technologies (Dipl.-Ing. Michael Lück), and color and correction filters (Andreas Dessloch, Rosco) were also well attended. It was also possible to take close look to the capabilities of grandMA 3D and grandMA video under almost realistic conditions at the installed preprogramming studio.

The integrated exhibition area gained approximately 30% more space compared to the Open Days 2003. The visitors had the chance to be part of the world premiere of Robert Juliat’s new powerful followspot Lancelot (equipped with a 4,000W HTI lamp) and Brother, Brother & Sons brand new LED cyclorama EvenLED among many other high quality products of the 17 brands represented exclusively by Lightpower in Germany (MA Lighting, Rainbow Color Changers, and Lightpower’s own Brand Major are also distributed world wide).

Besides meeting masterminds, technicians, and trainees from theatre and TV as well as from concert touring, entertainment, and architainment, visitors were also enabled to enter the special exhibition, “The power of the moment – concert and event photography” that represented the work of photographer Ralph Larmann.