For the first time, the upcoming "Rock in Rio 2004" festival show, a major European festival, will be pre-programmed using Cast Software’s WYSIWYG Perform.

This year "Rock in Rio" organizers expect over 500,000 people to attend the festival, which takes place in Lisboa later this year.

Bright Preproductions in Germany have been hired to provide the WYSIWYG services for the festival. Bright are members of the WYSIWYG Certified Service Providers program, and they will supply services and WYSIWYG Perform Systems to do the onsite pre-programming for the show. Totalling more than 4,000 channels, they will offer a full simulation of the automated rig for the Palco Mundo which consists of approx 100 moving lights hung on 9 moving trusses. This grants the LDs of the headlining acts the ability to perfectly pre-cue their show during day or evening hours, allowing them a freedom of creativity and time they are not normally given.

Lighting designer Peter Gasper and Lighting director Danny Nolan wanted to have a WYSIWYG pre-programming suite onsite, in order for the LDs to get the maximum out of the rig, which they have designed. Gasper and Nolan saw that other festivals are using WYSIWYG's tools to allow this type of programming, and they understand the value and creative freedom that WYSIWYG brings to the table.