Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, held its Easter Pageant March 21 to April 4. LD Jon "Hillbilly" Weir used 81 intelligent fixtures and several hundred conventional fixtures on the event. Majestic Productions of Anderson, IN, provided equipment and technicians. Weir used the Flying Pig Systems Wholehog III to run the automated fixtures and control the house console.

The house system consisted of 400 desk channels and about 100 channels for house lights and various accents. "The whole show was on five very crowded universes," Weir says. "Out of 2,048 channels on the Wholehog III, I had about 40 channels open. The whole show ran over fiber-optic cable. The only copper coming from FOH to the racks was from the conventional console."

Weir used V1.1.21 software on the show. "I've been working closely with the Flying Pig software guys for several months. Beaky has been incredibly helpful in sorting out some of the earlier hardware issues that I had. I just can't ask for better service than that. Hugh has kept up with answering all my software questions and issues, and Brian keeps me in the latest pre-release software. The support guys had to deal with several e-mails a day during programming, but I always got quick responses. "

As a Hog III beta-tester, and now in his tenth month of using the Wholehog III, Weir says, "It's amazing to see how quickly it has grown. Flying Pig Systems has been very open to user suggestions and feedback. I'm looking forward to using some of the new features in the next few weeks." He has several shows this spring where the Wholehog III will make a showing. "The biggest is at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, at the beginning of May. It's a four-day show that will be taped for TV. There will be two Hog IIIs there. That should be quite a show. I have a few other live TV shoots in May that I'll be using a Hog III on. Lately, I've been specifying Hog III on all the shows that I do."