White Light and The Moving Light Company have been chosen as the lighting suppliers to two new musical productions in London: The Full Monty, the West End production of an established New York hit, and Taboo, a new show in a new West End venue.

The Full Monty, a stage adaptation of the hit British film, has been playing to enormous popular acclaim in New York--and so has now made the journey back to the UK, where it will play at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Lighting designer Howell Binkley will recreate his New York design, making use of an automated lighting rig of six Martin Professional MAC 2000s, 12 MAC 500s, and 38 High End Systems Studio Colors® controlled from a Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II console. The rig also features around 325 ETC Source Fours, 55 of which are fitted with Wybron color scrollers, and Orion and L&E Mini-Strip floodlight units, 80 Star Strobes, police beacons, Robert Juliat Aramis followspots, and MDG Atmosphere and Look Solutions Tiny Fogger smoke machines. The conventional rig will be controlled from an ETC Obsession 2 console. The show's production electrician is Pete Lambert, with Stewart Crosbie and Simon Marlow serving as production managers.

In contrast, Taboo is a brand-new musical written by 80s pop icon Boy George, playing at a new 300-seat venue called The Venue, located just off Leicester Square. Designed by Tim Goodchild, the show is being lit by Chris Ellis using a four Martin MAC 600s, 12 MAC 250s, and five MAC 300s alongside a conventional rig that includes ETC Source Fours and Source Four PARs with a Source Four 10º used as a followspot, CCT Minuette fresnels, Strand Prelude 16/30s, and a selection of birdies and PAR-36s. Atmospheric effects are being provided by a Spaceball smoke machine and the Unique hazer, which, given the compact nature of The Venue, has the advantage of being silent in operation. The entire rig id controlled from a Strand 520i console, which the lighting designer is programming himself; the show's production electrician is Simon Needle. Further information about the show can be found at its website, www.tabootheshow.com.

In addition to The Full Monty and Taboo, White Light and The Moving Light Company continue to supply many other ongoing West End and touring shows, including My Fair Lady, Chicago, Miss Saigon, Art, The Play What I Wrote, and Humble Boy. The companies will also be supplying the lighting to the new musical production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the London Palladium.