Even with so much talent performing on American Idol each week, the soon-to-be-released Virtuoso® EX1 media server still manages to steal the show. A combination of EX1’s abstract and graphical 3D digital images are manipulated and controlled from a Virtuoso® DX2 console and projected onto LED and plasma screens during each performance. For the third season in a row, Kieran Healy is the designer responsible for the stunning lighting display on the live talent show. VLPS Lighting Services provides the full lighting package, including the digital lighting.

"Every season I try to make the lighting better and keep the looks different and dynamic," notes Healy.

Healy continues, "By using the EX1, we obviously added impact because we’re able to play around with the digital images and integrate them with lighting. The digital content library on the EX1 is pretty extensive, so we’ve been able to use terrific images to light and set the background for all the performers and their various music styles."

Available next month for sale or rental from VLPS Lighting Services exclusively, the Virtuoso® EX1 media server steps into a new dimension of digital lighting.