In a move designed to strengthen Entertainment Technology's presence in the theatrical and entertainment industries, Vari-Lite regional sales managers have been given direct access to the complete Entertainment Technology product line. The expansion of the Entertainment Technology sales team gives customers more direct outlets through which they can access Entertainment Technology's award-winning IGBT-based dimming products.

The announcement is the latest strategic move taking advantage of the synergies of the two Genlyte Thomas Group companies. Both Entertainment Technology and Vari-Lite are part of the Genlyte Controls division, which is based in Dallas. The companies share office, manufacturing, and shipping/receiving space.

"In many instances Vari-Lite and Entertainment Technology reps are calling on the same decision-makers," said Bob Schacherl, vice president of sales, Genlyte Controls. "By providing Vari-Lite RSMs access to the Entertainment Technology line, these lighting professionals can now work with one person for all of their lighting needs rather than having multiple points of contact. Our goal is to make it easier for the end user to do business."

Longtime Entertainment Technology professionals Jim Crooks and Mike Connell have been named ET Sales Directors. Crooks will continue to serve his U.S. region west of the Mississippi River, while Connell maintains his responsibilities east of the Mississippi. Crooks and Connell will assist and train the Vari-Lite regional sales managers as they become acclimated with their new roles. The additions give Entertainment Technology a true worldwide sales force.

"This plan will increase Entertainment Technology's presence within the theatrical entertainment industry," Schacherl said. "The move will clarify our routes to market and strengthen our position with theatrical dealers. Mike and Jim have done an excellent job developing Entertainment Technology to its current size. Growing market demand and an increased product line dictates that it's time to expand the size of the ET sales force. Because of the connection between ET and Vari-Lite, we are fortunate to have an experienced sales team already in place."

Silent dimming has become a recent hot topic within the entertainment and theatrical industries. Entertainment Technology has been manufacturing completely silent IGBT dimming products for more than 12 years. Entertainment Technology's advantage over other companies and other types of silent dimming products comes from its ability to distribute the dimming loads.

Entertainment Technology's IGBT-based Intelligent Raceway distributed dimming system and its highly popular Bak Pak individual dimmer have each been honored with industry awards since their introduction. Both products, as well as the completely reconfigured Capio Plus dimmer racks, ET's Intelligent Lytemode system, dimmer strips, dimmer boxes, raceways and other dimming equipment planned for release later this year will be available through the Vari-Lite RSMs.

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