With the purchase of 10 Vari*Lite® VL1000™ ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, QVC took another step toward its goal of fully automating the studio from which its programs are broadcast 24 hours a day. The new lights will allow QVC to make set changes without having to refocus, move, or re-hang light fixtures.

"We may be lighting a musical act for one program and lighting a kitchen set with Emeril Lagasse the next," said QVC lighting supervisor Doug Rae. "With the VL1000s we can do it all with the same light. The wide angle of the beam is quite impressive. When we aren't using it with the shutters, we can pull back and use it as a wash light."

Four of the luminaires will be used on QVC's fashion set, primarily for logo projection. Because the fixtures are close to the program hosts, it was also critical that the luminaires operate quietly. The new fixtures add to QVC's inventory of Vari*Lite products. The network already owns six VL2402™ spot luminaires, which have been in constant use since QVC installed them over a year ago.