After over a decade as part of The White Light Group in London, the entertainment industry CAD specialist Modelbox is re-locating to Okehampton in Devon. Fortunately, the latest computer communications technology will ensure that the move is seamless to those using Modelbox's services.

"Stephen Wentworth, who has been the driving force behind Modelbox for the last few years, decided that he wanted to leave London and move to Devon," explains the White Light Group's general manager Bryan Raven. "That presented us with a problem: finding someone with Steve's unique combination of theatrical experience as a lighting designer and CAD expertise. Fortunately, our IT department came up with an alternative solution."

Through the use of ADSL high-speed Internet connections and VPN (Virtual Private Networking), Steve and Modelbox in Devon will effectively become an extension of the White Light Group's computer systems. This will ensure that even the most time-critical Modelbox servic--the same day delivery of plans to central London--will continue to be available, with plans sent electronically to White Light's base in Wimbledon, printed and then delivered from there.

Modelbox's move to Devon will take place in early March, but the move will be seamless to users, with the company's full range of services continuing as before. These include access to Modelbox's comprehensive database of venue plans (recently expanded and now featuring over 350 venues around the world) in either paper or electronic format, tour planning services, design assistance and digital ground plan creation from old paper drawings, architect's drawings or a site survey.

The Modelbox Licensed Partners Scheme, giving those who need venue plans in electronic format for use with their own CAD system easy access to the Modelbox database continues unchanged, and Modelbox's plans continue to be available through, the White Light Group's on-line lighting shop.

Modelbox's theatre plans will also remain available to those making use of the WYSIWYG lighting visualization systems at The Moving Light Company, the White Light Group's automated lighting division.

Modelbox will even be expanding its opening hours, with telephone access available until 8pm on weekdays. Meetings about projects or tour planning will be held at White Light's base in Wimbledon, at the client's office or, for those who fancy a trip to the countryside, can take place at Modelbox's new base.

Further information about Modelbox's current services can be found at the company's website,