Tomcat USA

's latest roof system innovation was installed at Disney's California Adventure park earlier this month for the "Rockin' the Bay" summer music series. Tomcat and Kleege Industries worked together to engineer the 43'x46' roof system with custom cantilevered PA wings in less than a month.

"What makes this system unique is that it is surrounded by water on three sides and a portion of the towers is actually underwater," states Tomcat design manager Keith Bohn. The two upstage towers go through the stage and rest in 15' of water. Custom bases were designed to accommodate the uneven floor at the bottom of the lagoon. The underwater towers consist of steel with multiple coats of 2-part epoxy paint. All cords are capped and air-tight to help resist corrosion. All four towers interact with the stage for lateral support and guy cables on each corner of the grid are used for additional support. Guy cables on the front towers are tied to steel ballasts underwater while guy cables on the back towers are tied to custom anchors on the concrete sea wall.

For 42 days audiences will be rockin' and rollin' with a lineup of 16 famed recording groups that will perform on Paradise Bay Stage along the seaside-themed waterfront in Golden State Park. The first show kicked off July 13 with the Beach Boys being brought to the stage by boat, making it an adventure for the band and the audience. Other performances include the Temptations, the Commodores, Starship, the Bangles, the Village People, and the Monkees.