At Expo Night Life 2003 held in Guadalajara, Mexico, March 20-22, visitors to Tomcat de Mexico's booth were either refreshed with a nice cool drink in the Tomcat "living room" or could talk business in the more concealed meeting area. It was impossible for visitors to miss the Tomcat booth, as it was the first one visitors saw when entering the show floor. The large 16" ground-support goal post system sported a huge Tomcat logo held by heavy-duty spigoted truss. Other truss featured at the booth was the industry standard light duty and, the most popular in Mexico, medium duty spigoted. Tomcat Swing Wing Truss also made its debut in the Mexico market with much success. On the more interactive side of the booth were several Columbus McKinnon chain hoists enabling customers to get technical with the motor movements as well as the ever popular interactive chain hoist, allowing exhibitors to experience its inner mechanics.