In its ongoing effort to serve production and lighting professionals worldwide, TMB is expanding its North-American presence with the opening of TMB-Toronto. The new distribution center will provide faster response and turnaround throughout Canada.

Of course, TMB made the announcement in its own inimitable fashion. The company's release announces, "Lighting veteran and renowned fugitive from justice Mike Gillis will head the new location. Mike has 20 years experience in the Canadian lighting industry as a distributor and lighting company owner. When asked about his success in the industry, Mike said, “A good excuse and a bucket of fish go a long way. I’m happy to say, from here on, I will only need the fish.”

Continuing in this vein, Colin Waters, the company's CEO, is quoted as saying, "There’s a lot going on up North, but that pesky border keeps getting in the way. This should solve that problem. TMB continues to grow, but all of us are more committed than ever to not forgetting where we came from. Meanwhile, we keep rocking; building a global network providing choice, support and kick-ass service to companies who earn their living from entertainment production. Mike is a great guy and he’s going to really help. The fish isn’t bad either.” And, just in case you needed a visual aid:

Anyway, with locations in Los Angeles, London, New York, Beijing, and, now, Toronto, TMB supplies rental companies, dealers and manufacturers with anything and everything they need. Every order, according to the release, gets “Rush Service Normal” treatment.