announces the appointment of two new European distributors for its versatile new PowerPAR fixture.

In Germany, Seigen-based Trendco, and in France and Belgium, Sonoss will be handling sales for the TMB PowerPAR. Both deals were confirmed at the SIEL show in Paris.

TMB’s European General Manager Paul Hartley comments, "We know and trust both Trendco and Sonoss very well. They are both great companies known for concentrating their full attention on the all-important back up and service elements of any sales operation. Both companies are well respected in their countries – so it was all very logical."

In announcing the distributorships, TMB shows confidence of a buoyant European market. In fact, with the popularity of the PowerPAR taking off, it was essential to expand the European network quickly.

Both companies also distribute Wybron, whose Eclipse II dimming shutter was on display mounted on a PowerPAR at SIEL. The Eclipse II is a perfect complimentary device for the PowerPAR, turning it into a dimmable fixture and opening further applications for this bright, incredibly versatile unit.

The innovative PowerPAR 575 is a high intensity discharge lamp combining the fabulous optics of ETC’s Source Four PAR, with a high output HMI light source in a handy-sized unit. It’s available in two versions - hot re-strike with remote ballast or auto re-strike with integrated ballast.

The TMB PowerPAR continues to grow in popularity for a variety of applications. The fixtures have recently been installed by Lighting Technology in the UK at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. In the US, LSD Fourth Phase used over 200 for a massive car launch, and PowerPARs have also been specified for car launches in Germany and Sweden. PowerPARs – in conjunction with the Eclipse II – have been specified through Westsun Show Systems for the 2nd US National Tour of Mamma Mia, by production electrician Rick Baxter to realise Howard Harrison’s lighting design.

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