TIR Systems Ltd.

has announced the first two orders for its new Solid State Lighting (SSL) product, the Destiny ColorWash™ . The combined value of these initial orders is over $1 million.

The new Electronic Arts facility in downtown Vancouver, BC, is the site for an order of 20 Destiny ColorWash units. Lighting up the internal spaces of the top four floors in the newly built 20-story Pricewaterhouse Coopers Place, the product will be used to produce colorful dynamic wall wash effects in the company's common areas.

The second order is for the Mirama Commercial Building in Taipei, Taiwan. With 675 Destiny ColorWash units, this application will illuminate 225 square-shaped elements on the external façade of the 16-story building. Incorporating dynamic color using three ColorWash units per element, each square surface will display a color-change effect resulting in a pattern of light that will continuously change the appearance of the entire building.

These orders are expected to ship in the first half of calendar 2003.

"These two early Destiny ColorWash orders are evidence of the speed of market adoption that is possible for SSL products that deliver real benefits for architectural and architainment applications" says Darren Luce, director of sales and business development for TIR Systems.

In comparison with conventional products, the Destiny ColorWash is two to six times more efficient at providing colored light, depending upon the chosen colors. On the Mirama project, this results in a savings of over 100,000W of electricity compared to a conventional alternative. In addition to substantially reduced electricity bills, the customer will benefit by not having to change lamps for up to 20 years or more without compromising any aspects of the design.