The appointment of the PLASA 2002 award winners, Le Mark, by TESA announces the long-term commitment of the German owned company to work and develop products specifically for the Entertainment Industry.

The announcement concludes nearly 12 months negotiation between the two companies. Le Mark have been officially titled as a ’Focussed Distributor’ and become TESA’s first ever entertainment technology specialist.

Managing Director of Le Mark, Stuart Gibbons stated, “This is very much a two way partnership. It will enable Le Mark’s design ability and award winning flair to further develop. It also insures that Le Mark’s clients have a direct channel to a multi-national manufacturer that sees and believes like us, that the Entertainment Industry is a growing sector that should be given special attention”.

One of the first areas of collaboration has been in the development of an affordable quality heat resisting ‘filter-splicing’ tape for the scroller market. A new clear splicing tape with a working temperature of 200°C will be available shortly. Stuart Gibbons concluded by saying “2003 is our 20th anniversary year, we could not wish for a better way to celebrate than announcing the agreement between Le Mark and a quality manufacturer like TESA – who knows what the next 20 years will bring?”