Rolling Stones

fans will get a taste of High End Systems' products on the group's Licks world tour 2002-2003, which kicked off September 3 at the Fleet Center in Boston.

Lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe, video designer Willie Williams, and set/stage designer Mark Fisher teamed together to create the look for Licks which will actually be scaled for three different-sized venues from stadiums to arenas to theatres/clubs all on one tour. More than 40 shows in 27 cities are set so far for the US and Canada, with Europe, Australia, the Far East, and maybe China for the first time in 2003.

For this ambitious project, High End fixtures specified include 40 x.Spot® HOs and 24 Studio Beams®, run off the Flying Pig Systems Wholehog® II console. VLPS is the general lighting contractor, while LSD/Fourth Phase is providing the High End and Flying Pig gear.