Selecon demonstrated do-it-yourself image production and projection at its booth at SIEL in Paris earlier this month. The Pacific's unique capabilities was the principal feature at the stand for Selecon distributor Avab Transtechnik France. Serge Lefaucheur, a member of the Avab team, used Photoshop and a mainstream printer to create custom plastic images which were projected using a variety of Pacific luminaires.

Jean-Louis Pernette, Avab Transtechnik France's managing director, commented, "The best way to show the unique aspects of the Pacific was to make a workshop on our booth, printing images and projecting them. It is in this practical manner that we can best demonstrate and help the customer to fully understand the Pacific, its heat management system, and all of the benefits that these technological advancements bring to creative lighting practice."

This feature of the Pacific was recently used in the Paris run of Terry Johnson’s play Hysteria, directed by John Malkovich. Lighting designer Jean-Luc Chanonat used seven Pacific image projections to assist with the fantasia of truth and fiction set in Sigmund Freud’s study on a fateful night in the last days of his life and in the early days of World War II.

Click here for further information on how to produce these custom gobos.

Also on show was the Ardiis range of specialized display products including the new Aureol Fresco Flood, an extremely small wall wash unit available in both mains and low-voltage versions.