The Selecon Pacific Followspot is designed to deliver the cool beam and all the other operational advantages of the Pacific’s heat management technology in a low-cost followspot ideal for smaller theatres, schools, churches and clubs.

A key feature of this compact-sized followspot is the ability to choose from a wide variety of light sources designed to meet your throw requirements. For example, the Pacific Followspot is as efficient in the smallest school drama room or rehearsal space using the regular 575W tungsten halogen lamp (100fc at 68.5ft) as it is when delivering the output necessary for a church or auditorium using the MSR hot restrike 575W lamp (100fc at 120ft) with its flicker free operation. Other choices are the 750W tungsten halogen (100fc at 71ft) lamp or the 1000W tungsten halogen (100fc at 69ft) lamp, options to meet the requirements of most school, church or performance venues.

Other features include the adjustable iris diaphragm with black out and protective guard, braced yoke and platten spigot, adjustable yoke balance point and ergonomic guide handles for easy operation of the iris and color changer. These features ensure user-friendly procedures for a high school student or for an experience lighting technician. Accessories include a 4 Color Changer, Pattern Holder and Followspot Stand. ETL listing is pending.

For further details and a trial in your venue contact your Selecon Dealer or Scott Church at For specifications go to