Robe Show Lighting Distributors Confirmed Czech Republic-based moving light manufacturer Robe Show Lighting has appointed a major new distributor in South Africa; signed a deal with Media Face in Japan; and announced the re-confirmation of an exclusive deal with ART-TECH in Korea.

Representing Robe in South Africa, T&A Lighting is the lighting division of Prosound, South Africa’s leading supplier of design and build services to the presentation technology industry. In just a few years, the Johannesburg-based company has grown to be a major force in the design, supply and installation of specialized lighting systems across Southern Africa. During 2002 and 2003, T&A Lighting has installed systems into most of the country’s newly built and revamped television studios.

T&A Lighting visited Robe at PLASA 2003, where MD Ian Blair was convinced that Robe products were the right ones to make significant impact on the local market in terms of affordability and cutting-edge technology. “Such good quality and affordable products with so many features and specifications have never been seen before in South Africa” he declared, adding, “I believe we have a winner here!”

Robe’s International Sales Manager Harry von den Stemmen comments, “South Africa with its democracy, Western banking system, stable currency, and good market potential is a gateway to the continent of Africa. With the T&A Lighting deal in place, we’re are making our first and most important step into Africa.” T&A’s distribution infrastructure respects and incorporates Robe’s previous sales channels in South Africa, and now offers the additional benefits of service and maintenance of Robe products throughout South Africa and its neighboring territories.

Media Face, a Tokyo-based company, is the new Robe Show Lighting distributor for Japan, considered a high profile market with a penchant for technology and plenty of potential for the Robe brand. Media Face has good contacts and wide experience, spanning all areas of professional lighting - from live events and large installations to the wedding hall and hospitality business.

Media Face was also looking for a top-quality moving head to distribute, and the Robe offer came to the table at exactly the right time. Established in 1992, Media Face has many high profile projects to its name, and supplies moving heads to Japan’s major rental companies. They have a full technical department and a team of technicians on hand to offer the best levels of customer service and support.

Harry von den Stemmen says, “The importance of the Japanese market demanded a key player to establish our product there, and Media Face is that company. Their contacts on the rental and production scene are instrumental for the introduction of Robe’s AT series, and the wedding market also has a good potential. With Media Face on board, I’m very confident that we will establish and position Robe brand as a very good choice in Japan”.

In Korea, Robe has reconfirmed its exclusive distribution deal with Seoul-based ART-TECH in Korea, cementing the agreement originally set up in 2003 The re-conformation of the ART-TECH deal puts a strong team in place to capitalize on the large market share Robe has already established in Korea.

ART-TECH is headed by Mr Dae-In Yoon, a renowned club and discotheque lighting designer, and the company is very well known and successful as a supplier to the buoyant Korean club market. Large clubs – with capacities of 3000 to 4000 people - are common throughout South Korea, so the high-powered fixture end of the market is expected to be a major seller for Robe. It’s therefore an ideal market for the Robe ColorSpot 1200, and the brand new ColorSpot 575 AT. Wash 1200, due for launch in early 2004.

Harry von den Stemmen comments, “We are very excited about the potential of Korea. The exclusive deal with ART-TECH will allow them to focus on promoting our products in all areas.”