LSC Lighting Systems has supplied Melbourne-based lighting and presentation solutions company, Resolution X Pty. Ltd. with five maXim lighting control desks, each fitted with the LSC PaTPad moving light controller. The purchase is part of an upgrade to Resolution X’s control desk inventory.

Resolution X’s MD Tim Hall selected a maXim MP 48 fader console with 24 Intelligent fixture control, two maXim LP’s 72 fader desks with 36 Intelligent fixture control and two maXim XLP’s 96 fader with 48 Intelligent fixture control.

The new consoles will go into immediate action on Resolution X’s busy schedule of fashion, exhibition, event and general production work. Hall chose the LSC brand following much experience with the equipment in the past, and knowing the product’s proven track record for reliability and its excellent functionality. Explains Hall, "It was an easy choice, especially once I saw the power of the moving light controller, I knew this was the best range of desks for us."

Resolution X had been searching the market for over 2 years for a reliable, versatile console for its small and medium-sized shows. They needed something that could comfortably handle up to 16 moving lights and 24-36 dimmer channels. The maXim proved unbeatable in terms of user-friendliness, features, and value. Resolution X can now focus their larger consoles on the bigger projects.

In order to better understand the maXim product line, the Resolution X crew recently attended a maXim Training Workshop conducted by LSC’s Richie Mickan. The workshop emphasised the maXim range’s speed and simplicity, specifically in relation to intelligent fixture control. An interactive CD ROM is now supplied with each maXim console fitted with the PaTPad moving light module, and a new high-resolution DVD version is available for those conducting training and exhibitions. Email LSC for further details.