Industry veterans Gary Mass and Nick Freed have teamed up with Gear-Source President Marcel Fairbairn to form a new venture to be named Rental-Source, modeled in part after the successful web-based business, Gear Source.

Rental-Source will be serving today’s production needs with a "single source" method of locating production equipment of all types. With backgrounds in Manufacturing and Production, managing partners Gary Mass and Nick Freed will head efforts to solve the many man hours spent sourcing equipment for production purposes. Working in tune with an extensive world wide vendor base and an easy to use web design for locating the most cost effective, and logistically sensible rental equipment, Rental-Source promises to ease the ever growing process of completing a production. "Over the past 10 years or so, we’ve noticed an incredible incline in the need for production companies to draw from each other. We are using our many years of experience in the industry to create a shuttle instead of a bridge in pressing situations," says Freed. Mass adds, "this was a natural progression in our careers. From working on productions, to selling equipment to production companies, and finally, recently partnering in a production company, we really feel as if we’ve got a lot to offer in today’s market." Rental-Source is a company focused solely on sourcing all types of equipment including lighting, sound, staging, video, and a number of miscellaneous items (seating, lifts, communication, etc.) for production companies in need of supplementing or dry hiring equipment. Please visit for more information.